TOPSEAL-Aqua is a mineral-oil-free, non-combustible sealing paste for shield tail brush sealing systems

Environmental compatibility

TOPSEAL-Aqua is exclusively water-based; the mineral natural fibre matrix consists 100% of nearly natural substances. The use of TOPSEAL-Aqua damages neither the groundwater, nor soil, nor the health of people and animals.

Processing and productivity

The mineral natural fibre matrix of TOPSEAL-Aqua provides the structurally viscous properties. These are the basis for reliable sealing coupled with good pumping properties. With physical properties that are comparable to those of oil-based products, the specific density of TOPSEAL-Aqua is just 1.05 kg/dm≥. This results in an expected reduction in consumption of approx. 30%. All raw materials are standard products and pre-qualified by at least two suppliers.

TOPSEAL-Aqua is supplied as standard in two different qualities
For initial filling TOPSEAL-Aqua 220 is available; for ongoing operations TOPSEAL-Aqua 240 is recommended. As a general rule, TOPSEAL-Aqua can be adjusted to specific requirements irrespective of the standard types. In this case, the particular typical characteristics such as density, sealing effect, pumpability and lack of hazard to water remain fully preserved.

Physical properties
Specific density: 1.05 kg/dm≥
Pumping power at 10 bar: 60 - 80 g/min
Weight loss against spray water: < 5%
Volatility at 110 oC: approx. 4% (water)
Pressure water resistance at 35 ba

Advantages at a glance
• Low level of raw material consumption
• Good pumpability
• Variable adjustment of the product characteristic
• Non-combustible
• Non-water-polluting
• High efficiency
• Standard products in widespread use in the construction industry, available worldwide